How Managers Can Improve Their Communication

communication Mar 20, 2019

Being promoted or hired as a new manager often means that you’ll need to learn to communicate on a much wider scale. Whether it’s giving updates in public or reprimanding individuals, it may well be something that you have never done before.

All too often, managers underestimate the power of communication or are just plain bad at it. Either they don’t make time to listen to the team or they forget about the power of feedback; even if they do communicate, they may well hide behind technology and send email after email from the relative safety of their office.

A friend of mine, we’ll call him Jack, was certainly guilty of the latter. In charge of a team including some very bolshie individuals, he found it easier, and less daunting, to communicate by email rather than approach people face to face. He told himself he was too busy to keep leaving his office.

His 360 degree appraisal, however, certainly collared him. After every single employee questioned raised...

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Failure to Give Clear Direction And Vision

communication Mar 20, 2019

Imagine this scenario: one of your team has just completed an important project, or is halfway through, and it’s only then that you realize they are doing it wrong. Perhaps they’re using the wrong resources or they completely misunderstood what you wanted… is it necessarily their fault?

Most new managers at one point or another have faced this, or will come across it, and I’d like to fire a shot across your bow now… you may think the employee is stupid, incompetent, incapable, or just downright poor at their job BUT you must take some responsibility here.

Yes, I’m aware that we’ve already talked about a manager’s personal responsibility in mistake five, but it is potentially at the heart of numerous errors that managers can make in several different guises. You see, even if you pride yourself on taking your own mistakes on the chin (thus being responsible), you are still letting your employees down if you don’t give clear...

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