Transitioning into Management Position

your first 90 days Mar 20, 2019

Many companies pride themselves on offering opportunities for growth inside the company, preferring to promote from within if at all possible. It’s a good policy that encourages loyalty and reward for a job well done, but for the novice manager – recently awarded a senior role in the company he or she may have worked in for years – it comes with a few additional difficulties.

You may now be in charge of people you previously worked alongside as a coworker. Your new peers may well be other senior managers who used to manage you. If you are not given any advice or training to handle this transition, it can be a tough one to pull off.

If you start your new job with ‘all guns blazing’, for instance, you risk alienating your new team who struggle to accept this new stricter, more aggressive you. Especially considering you were drinking alongside them in the bar complaining about the boss as well only one week or month ago.

It won’t work if you try to...

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